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Conceptual Academy for the Online Science Course

"I am currently taking your chemistry class online and am trying to find more resources to help me fully understand what I am learning. I am writing you because I am trying to see if there are other resources I can utilize to help ensure I am getting the best out of my study time. I have enjoyed your book and have really learned a lot from watching your videos! Thank you for taking time out to help me!"

Philip Gray
Online Chemistry Student

Question: The video lessons available through Conceptual Academy are of great help for my online science course, but what other resources do you have planned to help me manage my course and to help my students learn?

Conceptual Academy has been launched in its early stages in order to grow based upon the feedback of instructors and students. We thank you for your patience and support and we look forward to hearing from you.

There are two main lines of development in the creation of Conceptual Academy. The first is the production of content, which primarily includes video lessons. As of November 2013, about 360 video lessons have been created and posted, mostly physics and chemistry. We expect this to rise to about 450 video lessons including biology, earth science, and astronomy by summer 2014. The second line of development has been the building of this website in which each video lesson is aligned with the table of contents of each textbook. After a year of development, this has been achieved as of November 2013.

Further development, now in progress, focuses on allowing each instructor to create a personalized course that sequences the resources of this website to match the instructor's class syllabus. Upon registering for this course, the student is then directed to the appropriate Conceptual Academy resources via a personalized calendar. The instructor will also have the ability to post assignments featuring automated "Reading Check" or "Video Check" questions that assess whether the students are on task. An instructor will also be able to personalize his or her course with instructor-generated content, such as videos, links, and documents. Student performance on assignments will be reported in a grade book that can be exported for backup purposes or sent to an instructor's primary LMS, such as Canvas or eCollege.

We look forward to the implementation of these and many other functionalities. Your support and the support of your students in these early stages are greatly appreciated.