17.3 The Nuclear Industry

Podcast - Nuclear Wastes

Welcome to another episode of the Big Picture Podcast. For this “Back Story” segment for our nuclear chapter, we visit the site of the former Rocky Flats plutonium facility where from 1952 to 1989 plutonium triggers were produced for the hydrogen bombs in the USA nuclear arsenal. Major anti-nuclear protests were held at this site in the 1980s leading, in part, to its closure. Through decades of operation, much plutonium and other toxic chemicals were released into the local area, which is now a dedicated wild life refuge. We provide some of the history of Rocky Flats and even dig into some of the science behind the building of nuclear bombs. However, given the magnitude of significance, we also aim to provide space for reflection as supported by the audio nuances captured by our field recorder. Duration: 27:15.

[Coordinates: 39.883312, -105.235203]

Download: https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/bigpicture/RockyFlatsMix4.mp3

The Nuclear Industry (Textbook)