20.5 Electrochemistry

Dry-Cell and Car Batteries

This video lesson describes how two types of batteries work. This includes the common household battery, also known as a dry-cell battery, and the car battery. Duration: 10:15.

pH and Logarithms

pH is the measurement of the acidity of a solution based on the concentration of the hydronium ions in the solution. pH is equal to the minus log of the hydronium ion concentration. Duration: 6:03.

KM: Biting Aluminum

Kai and Maile get distracted during a study session as they explore the electron releasing powers of aluminum. Duration: 2:15.

Getting Electrons to Flow

An electric current can be created when two materials that have differing tendencies to become oxidized and reduced are placed in contact. You can't just hold the two materials together, however. They must be set up so that there is no build up of charge. Duration: 12:03.