20.3 Catalysts Speed Up Chemical Reactions

Ozone in the Atmosphere

An overview of how ozone works to protect us from the Sun's ultraviolet radiation. Plus other fun facts, such as why we only see visible light and why fire engines are painted yellow-green. Duration: 9:22.

How Catalysts Work

A third way to increase the rate of a chemical reaction is to add a catalyst, which is a chemical that may participate in the chemical reaction but is not consumed by the chemical reaction. The catalyst works by lowering the energy of activation. Duration: 7:49.

Catalysts Are Not Consumed

This video lesson is pretty much a review of the previous video lesson. Only a few new concepts are introduced. This includes an explanation for how a catalyst transforms the energy of activation for a reaction. Biological catalysts, called enzymes, are also discussed. Duration: 4:37.


KM: Kai The Catalyst

Maile talks about how Kai's ability to bring couples together is somewhat analogous to how some catalysts work. This is particularly true for the biological catalysts known as enzymes. Duration: 2:02.