12.6 Identifying Atoms Using the Spectroscope

Elemental Fingerprints

When atoms of an element are heated to a point where they emit light, it is found that they only emit characteristic frequencies of color. Demonstrations of H, He, and Ne are shown. Duration: 5:37

KM: Fireworks In Waikiki

Kai and Maile, after studying the spectral patterns of various night lights, watch a firework display in Waikiki through a pair of diffraction grating glasses. Elemental spectra can be seen in the elements used to make the fireworks. Duration: 6:05.

Niels Bohr's Planetary Model

Something that is said to be quantized simply means that it is made of a number of fundamental units. Bohr applied the quantum hypothesis to the structure of the atom to explain atomic spectra. Duration: 5:21.

Bohr's Explanation of Atomic Spectra

Bohr proposed that electrons are restricted to particular orbits which he designated by principal quantum numbers. When electrons drop to lower energy levels, they emit light, giving rise to a specific atomic spectra. Duration: 4:56.