Contextual Chemistry Alive!

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Contextual Chemistry is an abbreviated and re-structured revision of its parent textbook Conceptual Chemistry, which is a successful concept-oriented textbook designed for liberal arts college chemistry courses. Within Contextual Chemistry select key concepts are developed in a clear step-wise fashion with an emphasis given to the societal applications of those key concepts.
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“Words cannot adequately express my heart-felt gratitude!  There is a student who is taking this course for the third time (learning challenged and health issues) - received a communication from her today which conveyed her greater understanding of the concepts and her happy attitude that she is finally "getting it" because of the videos that she can watch over and over again!” Linda Bates, South Arkansas Community College
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Read assigned material only once, but slowly for comprehension. However, simply reading paragraphs and watching our video tutorials is insufficient. Stop periodically to express out loud or in writing what you think you just learned. Absolutely, work on the questions at the back of each chapter in the textbook. Sign up with Conceptual Academy to access “low stakes” reading and video quizzes designed not to assess what you know, but to help you learn. Do these things and you are on the path to doing quite well.
What You Will Enjoy Learning: 
We begin with climate science with a focus on the chemistry of the atmosphere. The basic concepts of chemistry are introduced as we explore the issues of global climate change and ozone depletion. We then build upon these concepts as we explore other chemistry-related topics such as energy resources, water, acid rain, nuclear energy, photovoltaics, plastics, medicines, and the chemistry of life. By the completion of this curriculum you will have a deeper understanding of chemistry and its applications to our modern society.