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Conceptual Physics was the original landmark science textbook to embrace the conceptual approach, which simply means concepts come first. Focus is given to clear explanations and simple analogies that guide the student to a strong understanding of physical principles from classical mechanics to modern physics.
Conceptual Physics
211 video lessons & counting..
Conceptual Chemistry presents chemistry in a storytelling fashion with the frequent use of analogies and graphics that help the student to visualize the behavior of atoms and molecules. This behavior is then related to the macroscopic properties of matter lending deeper perspective into chemistry-related topics such as pharmaceuticals, nutrition, and the environment.
Conceptual Chemistry
204 video lessons & counting..
Conceptual Physical Science engages the student with a friendly writing style along with strong integration of the physical sciences. It begins with the essential topics of physics upon which concepts of chemistry are then built. This sets the stage for an exploration of physics and chemistry concepts as they apply to Earth science and astronomy.
Conceptual Physical Science
293 video lessons & counting..
Conceptual Integrated Science relates the big ideas of both the physical and life sciences to everyday life and is written in a friendly, personal voice. Throughout this curriculum, attention is given to where the science disciplines intersect, such as the physics and chemistry involved in the upward movement of water through a living tree.
Conceptual Integrated Science
257 video lessons & counting..
Conceptual Physical Science Explorations is the high school version of Conceptual Physical Science. This curriculum offers engaging analogies and imagery from real world situations. With it, the student builds a solid foundation of understanding that becomes a cornerstone of general education and serves as a solid platform for further study in science.
Conceptual Physical Science Explorations
277 video lessons & counting..
Conceptual Integrated Science Explorations is the high school version of Conceptual Integrated Science. This curriculum presents all the sciences—from physics to chemistry to biology, Earth science, and astronomy, plus areas where these disciplines overlap. Concepts are placed ahead of computation and the narrative is written in a friendly voice that emphasizes the big ideas over technical details.
Conceptual Integrated Science Explorations
253 video lessons & counting..