21.7 Polymers

Addition Polymers

Organic polymers are defined and then a special class of polymers, the addition polymers, are described. Duration: 4:55.

Condensation Polymers

Condensation polymers are made from organic molecules that have two reactive functional groups on opposites sides of the molecule. The synthesis of nylon is demonstrated. Duration: 6:38.


John discusses the possibilities and responsibilities that we humans face. Thanks are also given to the many people involved in making this project possible. Duration: 7:20.

The programming for Conceptual Chemistry Alive! was originally created by Professor Michael Reese of Leeward Community College. He's the guy on the left in blue jeans during our final. Good chemistry to you! He stands next to Julia Meyers (in green) who designed the graphic user interface. The videos were directed and edited by Peter Elias who decided not get in front of the cameras for the final scene. He appears, however, in the textbook. Much directing and editing was also performed by Sharon Hopwood, who is the woman in gray on the far right. Irwin Yamamoto (closest to the screen) and Stacy Thomas (in white to the left and behind of John) were responsible for the filming of the Kai and Maile sequences. Camden Barruga, Ed Nartatez, Keli Sato, and Patrick Garcia (buried in the crowd) were the primary camera operators for the lecture sequences.

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