8.8 Specific Heat Capacity

Specific Heat Capacity

Specific heat is the capacity of a material to retain heat. Hewitt discusses the implications of water's high specific heat on climate. Duration: 9:13.

Thermal Expansion

Another property of a material is how long it takes to heat up and cool down. This is spelled out in a concept known as Specific Heat Capacity. It takes a long time to heat up water, and once it is hot, it takes a long time to cool it down. Duration: 7:52.

Water's High Specific Heat

A paper cup filled with water is heated with a torch, but does not burn. The energy from the torch is soaked up by the water, which has a high capacity to hold heat. Water's high specific heat has pronounced effects on our global environment. Duration: 6:08.

Measuring Specific Heat

The Calculation Corner in this section of the textbook explores an equation that describes how a material responds to heat. This equation is used to calculate the temperature of the flame of a propane torch. Duration: 7:01.

Flame Temperature Calculation

Using the data collected in the previous video demonstration, the temperature of the propane torch is calculated. Duration: 8:33.