3.2 Newton's Second Law of Motion

Force Causes Acceleration

Examples are provided to show how acceleration is directly related to force and inversely related to mass. Duration: 4:15.

Free Fall

The ratio of an objects weight to mass is always the same, which explains how all freely falling objects fall with the same accelertion. Duration: 9:28.

Acceleration Less Than "g"

Hewitt uses the example of two parachutists to explain the effect of wind resistance upon a falling object. Duration: 5:52.

Newton's Second Law of Motion

The acceleration of an object is directly proportional to the net force on that object and indirectly proportional to the object's mass. Duration: 2:36.


Newton's Second Law

<p>A video of Paul in the classroom is followed up with a discussion of force, mass, and the acceleration of freely-falling rocks.</p>