21.4 Rainwater Is Acidic and Ocean Water Is Basic

Acid Rains and Basic Oceans

Rainwater is naturally acidic because of atmospheric carbon dioxide, which reacts with water to form carbonic acid. Water, reacting with airborne pollutants, creates acid rain, which is responsible for billions of dollars of structural, environmental, and health damage each year. Duration: 8:32.

KM: Beach Sand

Kai and Maile explore the chemical composition of tropical beach sand while John explore the beach sand composition of northern California. Duration: 4:05.

Global Cycles of Carbon Dioxide

Atmospheric carbon dioxide affects the pH of our rain and it has a profound influence on global temperatures. Some of the environmental chemistry of carbon dioxide is discussed. Duration: 5:37.

KM: Red Cabbage

Pigments in red cabbage are natural pH indicators. Kai and Maile explain how to make and use red cabbage stock to test the pH of common household products. Note: the bleach turns the pigment yellowish because it oxidizes the pigment not because of the high pH. Duration: 3:24.

KM: Removing Eggshell

Ian and Reece join Kai and Maile in a home project good for all ages. Duration: 2:36.

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