11.5 Color

Color in Our World

Visible light is a small segment of the electromagnetic spectrum. Duration: 2:14.

Why Sunsets are Red

Using tuning forks, Hewitt demonstrates why we see certain colors when we look skyward. Duration: 8:55.

Selective Reflection

The color of an object depends upon the light source. Duration: 2:00.

Blue Sky, Red Sunsets, White Clouds

This video describes why the sky is blue, sunsets red, and clouds white. Duration: 6:58.

Mixing Colored Lights

The rules for combining colors is related to the radiation curve for sunlight. Duration: 7:12.

Mobile Link: http://bcove.me/ddnzeorb

Selective Transmission

The color of a transparent material results from selective absorption. Duration: 0:57.


Hewitt demonstrates the combination of different colored lights. Duration: 1:04.

Mixing Color Pigments

Mixing paints causes a change in color by way of a subtraction of select frequencies of light. Duration: 1:48.