17.2 Counting Atoms and Molecules by Mass

Converting Grams to Moles

When the atomic or formula mass from the periodic table is expressed in grams, the number of atoms or molecules in that mass is equal to one mole. Duration: 12:15.

KM: Grams to Moles

Kai and Maile quickly summarize their understanding of the difference between grams and moles. Duration: 0:56.

Relative Masses

When we compare the masses of two objects against each other we are looking at their relative masses. A golf ball, for example, is about 20 times more massive than a ping pong ball. Likewise, we can talk about the relative masses of atoms. We get these relative masses from the periodic table. Duration: 4:29.

Measuring Masses of Reactants

This video lesson is one of the most difficult to understand video lesson in this entire series. Follow very carefully as the concept of formula mass is presented and applied to chemical reactions. Duration: 7:08.

KM: Air Turbulence

Kai and Maile relax outdoors pondering the turbulence airplanes hit when they enter a cloud. Duration: 1:35.

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