13.5 Acidic, Basic, and Neutral Solutions

Water Reacting with Water

John shows the acid/base chemical reaction that occurs between to water molecules. Because was is such a weak acid and weak base, the amount of product formed from this reaction is relatively small, yet it is very significant. Duration: 5:55.

pH and Logarithms

pH is the measurement of the acidity of a solution based on the concentration of the hydronium ions in the solution. pH is equal to the minus log of the hydronium ion concentration. Duration: 6:03.

The pH Scale and Meter

The pH of normal household solutions are discussed. The pH meter is used to show the pH of various solutions. Duration: 5:10.

KM: Red Cabbage

Pigments in red cabbage are natural pH indicators. Kai and Maile explain how to make and use red cabbage stock to test the pH of common household products. Note: the bleach turns the pigment yellowish because it oxidizes the pigment not because of the high pH. Duration: 3:24.