5.8 Projectile Motion

Projectile Motion

An object in free fall moving sideways is affected by the force of gravity just as if it were not moving sideways. Downward acceleration and sideways motion together results in a curved fall. Duration: 6:52.

Circular Orbits

The faster an object moves sideways while falling, the wider its curvature of fall. At about 8 km/s, its curvature of fall matches the curvature of Earth, which allows the object to never touch the ground. Duration: 4:45.

Sideways Drop

Bullseye Bob drops a bullet while firing another horizontally, then analyzed in Paul's televised classroom, followed up with vertical and horizontal motion independence. Duration: 9:15.

Ball Toss

Paul shows how the motion of a ball tossed by Phil Physiker can be carefully analyzed, with interesting distinctions.