7.10 Electric Circuits

Series and Parallel

Using light bulbs and a car battery, Hewitt demonstrates both series and parallel circuits. Duration: 5:49.

Mobile Link: http://bcove.me/8i6qq88p

Bulbs in Parallel

The rules of parallel circuits illustrated. Duration: 6:49.

Equivalent Resistance

Rules for equivalent resistance for series and parallel circuits explained. Duration: 4:29.

Mobile Link: http://bcove.me/tfchzk4l

Circuit Resistances

Finding equivalent resistances for complex circuits. Duration: 5:32.

Car Battery Demo

Circuit features featuring a car battery and bulbs. Duration: 6:21.

Car Battery Power

A summary of current, voltage, resistance, and power. Duration: 6:03.

Circuit Medley

A summary of electric circuits. Duration: 8:44.