Conceptual Chemistry

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Conceptual Chemistry builds a conceptual base from which students may view nature more perceptively by helping them visualize the behavior of atoms and molecules and showing them how this behavior gives rise to our macroscopic environment. Numerical problem-solving skills and memorization are not stressed. Instead, chemistry concepts are developed in a storytelling fashion, with the frequent use of analogies and tightly integrated illustrations. Follow-up end-of-chapter questions are designed to challenge students’ understanding of concepts and their ability to synthesize and articulate conclusions. Used worldwide, Conceptual Chemistry is published in several different languages, including Chinese and Korean.
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“I want to say a big ‘Thank You!’ for putting together the terrifically interesting textbook - I know it was no small labor of love! The information you have amassed from your experience and other resources has provided the exact guidance I needed to design and teach the class. I really want to make this class count for my students - both in their critical thinking development, and in their enjoyment/wonderment at the world aroundthem through the lens of chemistry. So, thank you.” Eileen Sneeden, PhD Professor, Maranatha Baptist Bible College
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Regardless of your math skills or whether you remember much from any previous science course, you will find each of our conceptual programs to be most accessible. The only pre-requisite is that you are curious about the world around you. We do, however, require that you be able to read and that you navigate the web with an up-to-date browser.
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Atoms, Physical Properties, Gas Laws, The Periodic Table, Elements, Compounds, Mixtures, Nanotechnology, Subatomic Particles, The Atomic Nucleus, Chemical Bonding, Intermolecular Attractions, Solubility, Chemical Equations, Kinetics and Thermodynamics, Catalysts, Acids and Bases, Electrochemistry, Photovoltaics, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Nutrition, Medicinal Chemistry, Agriculture, Energy Sources