2.6 Temperature and Heat

Temperature and Heat (Textbook)

Temperature Measures Average Kinetic Energy

The hotness of a material is related to the average kinetic energy of the submicroscopic particles within that material. In general, the hotter the material, the greater the average kinetic energy of its particles. We say "average" kinetic energy because the particles are all moving at different speeds--some fast some slow. Duration: 1:40.

Thermometers Measure Temperature

Temperature is best judged using some external reference, such as the expansion or contraction of a liquid. Two temperature scales, the Celsius and Fahrenheit, are demonstrated. Duration: 6:06

The Tailor of Celsius!

The story of the tailor of Celsius is used to illustrate the need for the Kelvin temperature scale. This absolute scale is then compared with the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales. Duration: 8:16

Heat Flows From a High to Low Temperature

Heat is energy that flows from one object to another because of a temperature difference. The direction of heat flow is always from the higher temperature object to the lower temperature object. The author uses the invented word "coolth", which you will not find in any dictionary, so be careful about using it yourself. Duration: 3:54.