1.5 Chemistry Is Integral to Our Lives

Chemistry is Integral (Textbook)

Chemistry Is the Study of Matter

The author touches upon the nature of chemistry and its relationship to science and technology. Duration: 2:13.

Journey to an ACS Meeting

The author and his daughter, Maitreya, take you on a quick tour of a national meeting of the American Chemical Society. Like all people, chemists enjoy getting together and sharing ideas. Duration: 5:26

Mobile Link: http://bcove.me/u7h3x0as

Podcast, Chemistry, Chapter 01

This first episode presents effective study strategies, such as delayed retrieval, interleaving, and step 1 / step 2 learning. This is followed by a review of the first chapter of the Conceptual Chemistry textbook including topics such as the scientific method, basic and applied research, and unit conversion. Advice on how to make good use of the traditional science textbook is also provided.

Each episode is about an hour long and available to you for download or subscription to your portable device.

Show notes available at ConceptualScience.com/Podcasts