8.2 Melting and Freezing

Melting and Freezing (Textbook)

Melting and Freezing Water

When water freezes, energy is released. Conversely, energy is required to melt water by breaking the hydrogen bonds that hold water molecules in a crystalline structure known as ice. Duration: 9:22.

The Effects of Solutes in Water

Interesting things occur when solutes are added to water. Freezing is inhibited and temperature decreases. Practical applications can be had from these properties. Duration: 4:37.

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KM: Boiling Water

Kai tests what happens to the boiling temperature of water when salt is added. Duration: 2:58.

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Water Density and Temperature

Like most materials, when water is heated it will expand. However, water has another unique property of occupying more space when it melts. Consequently, water is the most dense at 4 degrees Celsius. Duration: 9:17.